The Scientists’ Coalition present at INC-2 in Paris

Five of the members from the Scientists’ Coalition at the Paris International Forum

We are delighted to announce that the Scientists’ Coalition for an Effective Plastics Treaty will be represented at INC-2 in Paris from May 28th – June 2nd.

Our 40 experts cover a broad range of expertise and look forward to engaging with Member States and all other stakeholders on the science underpinning the issue of plastics pollution and the solutions needed moving forward.

The Scientists’ Helpdesk for Negotiators

From Monday May 29th through Friday June 2nd we are trialling a “Scientists’ Helpdesk” for negotiators. Through the helpdesk, negotiators can confidentially ask questions and get direct responses from scientists with relevant expertise. The Helpdesk can help find the most up-to-date scientific evidence on specific issues and answer questions on terminology and scientific concepts. The Helpdesk is available here:

Policy briefs

In advance of the negotiations, our expert working groups have prepared three policy briefs, available in English, French and Spanish.

  1. Role of chemicals and polymers of concern in the global plastics treaty (English; French; Spanish)
  2. Transitioning to a safe and sustainable circular economy for plastics (English; French; Spanish)
  3. Climate change impacts of plastics (English; French; Spanish)

Our members in Paris

Find an overview of our experts present in Paris below. All members have provided a Declaration of Interests to ensure transparency.

We are available to meet and engage throughout the negotiations. A pdf with the scientists is available here.

Contact us at if you or your delegation would like to schedule a meeting.

For more information on the Scientists’ Coalition, click the logo in the upper right hand corner.

By Idun Rognerud,
Coordinator for the Scientists’ Coalition for an Effective Plastics Treaty
Research Scientist, Norwegian Institute for Water Research