Cleanup technologies

Several initiatives by national and regional governments, entrepreneurs and civic organisations have helped develop and implement cleanup technologies to remove litter from the marine environment including oceans and rivers, beaches as well as microplastics from storm and wastewater.

There is a growing need for efficient and environmentally sustainable cleanup solutions as plastic waste continues to accumulate in oceans at an increasing rate. Many of these cleanup technologies are often unknown and information on them is scattered. A lack of comprehensive and accurate knowledge base on the various available cleanup technologies and solutions renders the decision-making process for governments and policymakers difficult. The effectiveness and potential costs of these solutions should be taken into consideration, but this area has not been well researched. Determining when, where and how to use cleanup techniques require estimating the trapping efficiency of plastics and assessing potential adverse effects on living organisms. Given its importance in managing plastic pollution, it is imperative to engage in discussions and build awareness on the benefits and pitfalls of cleanup technologies and the most efficient way to utilise them for the marine environment and keep our oceans clean.


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