The ASAP project aims at analysing the conditions, drivers and mechanisms that result in plastic waste mismanagement, littering and releases to rivers and the sea in Asia three largest countries: China, India and Indonesia. The project will deliver quantitative assessments of plastic litter releases from source hotspots in the three countries, asses critical interlinkages between plastics waste and chemical pollution and improve the understanding of the socioeconomic determinants of plastic waste mismanagement.

ASAP will both generate empirical data from original surveys and leverage on existing regional projects and initiatives. The project will provide science-based support to local Asian governments in their efforts to address plastic pollution.

ASAP will also create an international network of experts and local interest groups gathering yearly in a series of thematic conferences, through the creation of a knowledge hub on plastic pollution (IKHAPP).

ASAP is lead by NIVA research scientist Luca Nizzetto. The project is financed by The Research Council of Norway (grant no. 302575).