INCA-Macroplastics (Integrated Catchment model of MacroPlastics transport) is a mathematical model designed to assess macroplastics fate and transport in landscapes. The model calculates macroplastic concentrations and fluxes in and across land with different soil types, stream water and riverbanks and sediments at the scale of a river catchment.  

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INCA-Macroplastics was developed at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) by Luca Nizzetto, Magnus Norling and François Clayer.  The interface presented here and the frame to estimate microplastic releases have been developed by François Clayer (NIVA). 

By filling in the form below, you can access a demonstration page that offers the possibility of testing and exploring some key features of INCA-Macroplastics. If you are interested in a specific and more advanced use of the model, please contact