Warm up to UNEA 5.2 – Webinar series by IKHAPP partner GRID-Arendal

“Warm up to UNEA 5.2: Towards a decision to launch negotiations for a new global agreement on plastics pollution”

This is a webinar series arranged by IKHAPP partner GRID-Arendal and the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment between 8th December 2021 to 15th February 2022.

An increasing number of countries are now calling for a decision to be taken at the next United Nations Environment Assembly – UNEA5.2, to launch negotiations on a new global agreement on plastics pollution.

The webinar series provides an opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge on what a new global agreement could include and what is needed for it to be an effective tool in solving the challenges related to plastic pollution and marine plastic litter.

Register and find more information: Warm up to UNEA 5.2 webinar series.