The Scientists’ Coalition attends UN plastics treaty negotiations in Ottawa


The Scientists’ Coalition for an Effective Plastics Treaty is delighted to announce its presence at the fourth intergovernmental negotiations (INC-4) committee to develop a legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution that takes place in Ottawa from 23-29 April.

The Scientists’ Coalition has 58 members on the ground during INC-4 who cover a broad range of expertise. Our scientists look forward to engaging with delegates from member states and other stakeholders to discuss scientific evidence linked to plastics pollution and potential knowledge-based solutions needed to tackle this global challenge.

The Scientists’ Helpdesk for Negotiators

During the negotiations, the Scientists’ Coalition operates a digital “Scientists’ Helpdesk” for delegation members. Through the helpdesk, negotiators can confidentially ask questions directed to scientists with relevant expertise. Our members can assist with sharing the latest scientific evidence on plastics and answer questions on terminology and scientific concepts. The Helpdesk is available here.

Ask a Scientist

The Scientists’ Coalition will also be available to meet and engage with delegates through the in-person “Ask a Scientist” event every day, starting Tuesday 23rd of April. Follow us on LinkedIn or X to receive regular updates.

Contact us at if you or your delegation would like to schedule a meeting in advance or get in touch with us during the event. An overview of the scientists participating in Ottawa is available here.

Our Response to the Revised Zero Draft

The Scientists’ Coalition has prepared a response to the revised zero draft text of the legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution, offering science-based reflections to support INC-4.

Background material

Prior to the negotiations, our expert working groups have prepared several policy briefs and fact sheets, available in different languages.

Our members present in Ottawa

You may find an overview of our experts present in Ottawa above. All members are actively conducting research on plastics related issues and have provided a Conflict of Interests form to ensure independence and transparency.

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Media contact during INC-4:

Christoffer Grønstad,

Head of Secretariat, +47 901 18 286 /

Our scientists on the ground at INC-4 in Ottawa. Photo credit: Katherine McMahon