IKHAPP.org is live!

We are pleased to announce that the International Knowledge Hub Against Plastic Pollution (IKHAPP) launched on December 2. 2021 at the domain ikhapp.org.

IKHAPP is an emerging community of scientists and experts committed to generate, collect, critically analyze, and disseminate interdisciplinary scientific knowledge to support policies and actions to address plastic pollution, globally. The platform ikhapp.org is a resource to enable stakeholders and the general public to access consolidated peer-reviewed knowledge and documents related to plastic pollution and inherent to different thematic areas: “environment”, “society” and “technology”.

The hub will also present impactful success stories and describe approaches taken internationally by scientists, experts, private enterprises, organizations and policymakers to solve the plastic pollution problem in both developed and developing world contextsIkhapp.org is conceived as a resource to inspire knowledge-based policies, measures and innovations to curb plastic pollution.

The IKHAPP community is ready to ally with societal actors for a future free from plastic pollution.