Follow the High Ambition Coalition to End Plastic Pollution webinar series

Interested in following the process toward a global treaty to end plastic pollution? Follow the webinar series that are arranged in collaboration with IKHAPP-partner GRID-Arendal.

The High Ambition Coalition to End Plastic Pollution (HAC) arranges a regional and global webinar series in collaboration with GRID-Arendal to provide opportunities for HAC Member States and stakeholders to co-host discussions on various themes related to the ongoing Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee process such as plastics and health, biodiversity, climate, microplastics, chemicals, problematic plastic products, circular economy, sea-based sources, agriculture, construction and automotive, informal sector, human rights, legacy waste and so on.

These virtual events are proposed and co-hosted by HAC member states and supported by HAC including developing concept note, run-of-show, facilitating speakers, managing virtual platform, invitations and moderation. The webinars are open to anyone who wants to follow the events, and recordings are published on the HAC website.

The HAC is a group of like-minded countries that has taken the initiative to form a coalition of ambitious countries following the adoption of resolution 5/14 “End Plastic Pollution: Towards an International Legally Binding Instrument” by the UN Environment Assembly in March 2022.

The HAC is committed to develop an ambitious international legally binding instrument based on a comprehensive and circular approach that ensures urgent action and effective interventions along the full lifecycle of plastics.

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