3RproMar knowledge partnership launched in Bali

The 3RproMar knowledge partners’ representatives together on the stage. From the left: Frederik Caselitz (GIZ 3RproMar), Mae Jordaine B. Diopenes (AIT RRC.AP), Luca Nizzetto (NIVA/IKHAPP), Ayako Mizuno (ERIA, RKC-MPD), Susy Herawati (Center for Environment Generation Development, Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia), Treesuvit (David) Arriyavat (ASEAN Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, ASEAN Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Dialogue), Natalia Derodofa (Environment Division, ASEAN Secretariat).

IKHAPP is proud to be part of the 3RproMar Knowledge Partnership for Marine Litter Prevention in ASEAN which was launched on 22. May. 

IKHAPP, represented by a team of researchers from NIVA, participated in the 2nd regional workshop series Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to Protect the Marine Environment and Coral Reefs (3RproMar)

The regional workshop was held in Indonesia (Bali) on the 22nd of May 2023, with representatives from the ASEAN member states.

The workshop brought together a variety of national and international experts and representatives to discuss and share knowledge on a range of issues related to marine litter and plastic pollution.

A recording of the event is available here.

Meeting the 3RproMar knowledge partners

The workshop also marked the official launch of the 3RproMar Regional Knowledge Partnership for Marine Litter Prevention. Together with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pasific (RRC.AP), IKHAPP (NIVA) will contribute to make knowledge sharing on the issues of marine litter more accessible.

The workshop was also a great opportunity for IKHAPP representatives to meet colleagues and partners face to face, after having only communicated online so far. All the organisations were presented during the launch.

As it was put in the opening remarks, the objective of  “the 3RproMar’s regional knowledge partnership is expected to contribute to the integration of efforts to ensure plastic free oceans in the region, utilizing technologies and innovation, knowledge resources and sharing best practices”.

Some of the knowledge partnership team members.

Focus on communication strategies and EPR

The workshop focused on the latest international and regional developments in ASEAN. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) was a key point of discussion during the event and how to advance such schemes in ASEAN.

Communication strategies for behavioural change to improve waste management and drive the circular economy was another discussion item. Several inspiring and experimental approaches in the region were presented, from campaigns to inspire using coconut palm tree products and raising awareness by serving “waste juice” from foodtrucks, to providing  communities with resuable diapers and engaging religious communities and houses of worship as centers for behavioural change in waste management.

Preparing for the plastic treaty negotiations

An important backdrop for the meeting are the ongoing UN negotiations on an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, with INC-2 being held in Paris from the 29 May to 2 June, 2023. As part of the process, states and stakeholders have submitted suggested options for elements to include in the treaty. These are summarised in a document that includes submissions from six of the ten ASEAN member states.

Idun Rognerud (NIVA, Co-ordinator Scientists’ Coalition for an Effective Plastics Treaty) presented some key options and considerations with respect to the ASEAN members states and the ongoing negotiations.

The World Bank that the ASEAN Regional Action Plan for Combating Marine Debris in the ASEAN Member States (2021 – 2025) is already well aligned with many of the options suggested for the treaty, and that this can be key for implementing the treaty in the ASEAN region.

Looking towards the future

Together with GIZ colleagues, IKHAPP (Hans Nicolai Adam, Luca Nizzetto, Caroline Enge and Diya Chakravorty) moderated the group discussions on various ways that ASEAN countries can align and prepare for the negotiations.

Four 3RproMar target countries’ representatives also provided updates on their respective prgoress and achievements under the  project.

Engagement in the ASEAN region is key in the process to implement global sustainable solutions to curb plastic pollution, and we look forward to future activities in the 3RproMar Knowledge partnership. Read more about IKHAPP’s work in ASEAN here.

Written by Caroline Enge, IKHAPP