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Fact Sheet: A Global Plastic Treaty Guided by Indigenous Pacific Wisdom

Abstract: The global plastics treaty (GPT) mandates the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) to create binding rules based on the best available science, traditional knowledge, knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and local knowledge systems (Res 5/14). The knowledge and practices of Indigenous Pacific Island Peoples are deeply rooted in a respectful and mutual co-existence with the natural world. New materials, products, and technologies offer advantages, yet bring pollutants that were not present pre-colonization. Plastic pollution harms sustainability, ecosystems, culture, economies, health, and well-being. Polymers and petrochemicals are not produced in the region. Nevertheless, Pacific Islands communities are severely impacted by plastic pollution from the increasing volumes of plastics entering the region via trade, tourism, fishing, and tidal flows – and never leaving.

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Towards an Effective Science-Policy Interface for the Global Plastics Treaty

Access to reliable scientific information is essential for the success of the UN Global Plastic Treaty. It is needed via working groups to support negotiations now, and in the longer term via a dedicated subsidiary body to the Treaty. This policy brief sets out the rationale, provides a timeline for implementation, and suggests how the[…]

Primary Plastic Polymers: Urgently needed upstream reduction

The UN international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution (UNEA resolution 5/14) aims to reduce plastics pollution. However, midstream and downstream assessments show that optimizing waste management, removal technologies, and improved circularity is not sufficient to curb plastics pollution in the short-, mid- or long-term. Therefore, we have to look upstream to the root of[…]

Scientists’ Coalition support for a U.S. global plastics treaty position guided by independent scientific consensus

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Fact Sheet: Plastics and the Triple Planetary Crisis

This fact sheet provides an overview over the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution we are facing.

Response to the Revised Zero Draft

Scientists’ Coalition’s response to the revised draft text of the international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment (UNEP/PP/INC.4/3). Download the full response (English) Download the Summary of the Revised Zero Draft (English) Download the Summary of the Revised Zero Draft (French) The Scientists’ Coalition for an Effective Plastic Treaty expresses[…]