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Response to the Revised Zero Draft

Scientists’ Coalition’s response to the revised draft text of the international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment (UNEP/PP/INC.4/3).

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The Scientists’ Coalition for an Effective Plastic Treaty expresses gratitude to the Chair and Secretariat for preparing the revised Zero Draft (rZD), to which we present our commentary. We strongly urge member states to prioritise independent scientific evidence in decision-making while drawing from the precedents of other multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). Our commentary emphasises the imperative of addressing plastic pollution within the broader context of interconnected human and planetary threats. This is best achieved by prioritising mandatory measures that simplify and reduce global quantities of plastics produced.

The evidence-based assessment criteria proposed in this document and a subsequent comprehensive regulatory framework will enable baselines and targets for global plastics production reduction, and phase-outs of unsustainable, hazardous and non-essential plastics while ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain. Our proposal, set out here, will not only strengthen global policy, but, when also implemented at regional and national levels, will further strengthen plastic pollution prevention at multiple scales of governance. This proposal is intended not only to reduce global plastic production, but to assess systems and technologies at mid and downstream for safety, sustainability, transparency, and essentiality while adopting a holistic lifecycle approach. We also stress the importance of a just transition through sector-specific implementation measures guided by principles of prevention, precaution, polluter-pays, and non-regression.

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Reponse de la Coalition Scientifique au Projet de texte revise